Thermalog has put an end to guesswork with its Automated Temperature Monitoring Systems.

Everyone knows that food safety is one of the most important element for businesses in the food industry.

With the constant threat of financial penalties, stock losses, and poor food handling and hygiene practices, it’s essential for businesses to stay on top of regulations to protect the health and safety of consumers.

That’s why we developed our temperature monitoring system. Our system helps businesses stay compliant with government regulations for food safety, address the two-hour/four-hour rule, prevent stock losses with real-time pre-spoilage alerts, keep stock fresh with accurate temperature results and stay ahead of food safety with estimated bacterial growth monitoring.

With our temperature monitoring system, you can say goodbye to operational headaches and save costs like labor, financial penalties and the time for recording temperature manually.

Savings Estimator

Relying on traditional methods to monitor and record temperature readings can result in various issues and challenges.

  • It can be costly, especially for multiple appliances or large areas
  • Human error may occur while reading and recording data
  • Timing is crucial; incidents between checks can lead to stock loss
  • Storing physical data takes up significant space.

Use our saving calculator to calculate how much you can save daily and per annum by simply installing the automated temperature monitoring system.

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Why choose thermalog products

Thermalog is a leading provider of automated temperature monitoring solutions that help ensure food safety compliance and reduce costs. Our wireless temperature monitoring solution comes with a range of features that makes it suitable to monitor the temperature in any environment.

With Thermalog, customers can be sure that their food safety and temperature regulations are being met and that their costs are being kept to a minimum.

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