Temperature Monitoring System for Restaurant & Cafe

Eliminate manual temperature checks & data logging and ensure your inventory and food items are safe from spoilage due to faulty equipment or human error.

Restaurant & Cafe

Monitor food temperature accurately, remotely and in real-time, ensuring you comply with the food safety standards.

Whenever we think of a restaurant and cafe, we think of food hygiene and safety. This is not possible if there are constant temperature changes since that affects the quality of food during storage, preparation and serving of food.

If you are struggling to keep your restaurant and cafe’s temperature maintained, you have come to the right place. We have a compact solution to your problem.

Automate your manual tasks and let Thermalog measure and log temperature for you so you can focus on what is more critical and make your business more profitable.

Let Thermalog do this work for you

Food business owners must adhere to food safety guidelines as a part of their HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) plan.

Food businesses are often exposed to food safety threats, and therefore, food safety requirements must be regularly monitored and controlled with accuracy. Thermalog offers automated temperature monitoring, data logging and storage that adhere to strict restaurant HACCP compliance requirements.

All restaurant and cafe owners understand that proper food temperature is at the top of the list of food safety requirements

The only method to maintain the best possible temperature is to deploy an accurate and automated temperature monitoring system.

Thermalog is the most reliable solution to reduce inventory loss as well as human error significantly. You will get instant alerts if anything goes wrong such as rising temperature, doors left open or any other abnormal activity that could lead to a change in temperature drastically. This will help you catch up with the situation in real-time to take immediate corrective action.

Eliminate manual temperature checks and data logging by installing Thermalog’s wireless temperature monitoring system and ensure your inventory and food items are safe from spoilage due to faulty equipment or human error.

this vector image depicts the feature of automated temperature monitoring system that can benefit the restaurant and cafe business.

Food Safety Compliance

Regularly meet food safety compliance standards of FDA, HACCP and other regulatory authorities.

This image shows our temperature monitoring system monitors and maintains optimal temperature to prevent irreparable losses of refrerated and chilled stock

Temperature Accuracy

Reliably monitor & log temperature readings so you can see the actual results.


This icon is the graphical representation of 24/7 automated temperature monitoring system that allows you to monitor the temperature remotely and alerts you for any temperature deviations to meet the compliance requirements.

24/7 Monitoring

Monitor the temperatures automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any time and from anywhere.


This vector image depicts the ral time monitoring feature of temperature monitoring system that help businesses like restaurnt and cafe

Real Time Updates

Get instant alerts of temperature changes via SMS/E-mail to detect and fix possible hazards in time.


This vector image depicts that retail business can avail digital data logging feature of thermalog temperature monitoring system

Digital Data Logging

Get detailed analytics of digitally recorded data of all your spaces on a cloud-based single-view dashboard.

This vector image depicts the feature of our automated temperature monitoring system that help businesses like restaurant and cafe to manage multiple locations form single point.

Run Operations Smoothly

Ensure all tasks are handled without delays or mistakes and streamline your operations through automation.

Flexibility to monitor a variety of things based on your custom applications.

Connect your Android devices to our free App to keep track of all your spaces automatically and effortlessly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and receive warnings if any of your equipment’s readings fall out of range. Thermalog gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of objects based on your unique applications, including but not limited to: