Tesen Sensor

Tesen - Wireless Sensor

Eliminate the hassle of manual temperature checks and save time and money with the Tesen Sensor.

The Tesen Sensor is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking a reliable, cost-effective way to monitor the temperature. This innovative device eliminates the need to manually check temperatures multiple times a day, saving businesses time and money.

With the Tesen Sensor, you can trust that your food safety compliance is always up to date, enabling you to reduce operational costs and stay ahead of the competition.

Therefore, if you are worried about managing temperature changes in your facility, our wireless and automated temperature monitoring system lets you track the temperature remotely, even if you are not around.

And in case, if there are any fluctuations in the temperature, it will notify you immediately via SMS/E-mail so you can quickly fix the issues. 

No more manual checks or time-consuming processes. Get connected and get peace of mind today.

This is the image of Tesen Sensor, we also call it wireless temperature sensor. #temperaturemonitoring #AutomatedTemperature Monitoring #automatedsystem #wirelesssolution #TemperatureMonitoringSystems

Why choose us?

Low price, high quality

Get the best sensors with highest accuracy of ±0.1°C in the market at the best price.

Connect into gateway

Pair the wireless sensors with the secure gateway and get real time readings on gateway screen.

User friendly

System is designed in such a friendly way that a non-technical person can use system easily no need of IT trained workers.

Operating range

Our sensors come with a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 120°C.

Battery life

Our sensors are designed to be ultra-low power with a battery life of over 2 years.

Wireless range

The sensors work on mesh networking which means that the range of wireless mesh can be extended into kilometers.

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