Why Choose Thermalog Products

Thermalog’s products are automated temperature monitoring devices that reduce your costs and ensure food safety compliance. They can be used anywhere and by anyone who wants and regulate temperature or keep track of time!

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Timely alerts and alarms

Alarms and notifications are one of the most critical features of our intelligent temperature monitoring system. You can recognise the temperature deviations in real time with alarms and warning notifications. You will receive visual and audio alerts to stay vigilant with our wireless temperature monitoring system.

Prevent major losses

These devices have been designed to monitor time and temperature that you want maintained and regulated 24/7, and to send an alert if and whenever anything goes wrong e.g. temperature fluctuations. This way you won’t have to constantly check the temperatures or time manually, avoiding human error as well, along with proactively managing critical situations and preventing risks to the products and environment.

Avoid resource wastage

Timely precautionary measures ensure that the temperature fluctuations are quickly handled so that the quality of products doesn’t get compromised or go to waste. Setting critical thresholds will ensure timely alerts and hence a timely response!

Remote access

You can download our App in your mobiles and tablets for easy and hassle-free access to the past and present status and data of all the devices.


Our cloud-based system can store your data for up to two (02) years, and you can download the reports or send them directly to authorized persons.

Reduce labor and maintenance costs

No more paper logbooks are required to keep track of time and temperature readings! These devices digitise the data and makes it readily available to you 24/7 for you to access and analyze the data it any time you want instead of keeping a check on everything physically.

Wide temperature range

Our innovative and wireless temperature monitoring system is cloud-based and can monitor temperatures ranging from -40°C to 125°C.

Paper-free compliance

The process of having to go to every appliance to manually check and record the readings and other data has been made digital with our products. By installing our products, there will be no need for manual monitoring and record keeping, and this also avoids human error.

Complex data management made easy

The App has an easy-to-understand GUI (Graphical User Interface) that helps in processing complex data easily. In addition, the option to generate graphs and audit reports make it even easier to understand large amounts of data in practically no time!

Superb battery life of up-to 2 years

Operating on 3.3 v Coin Cell – CR2450, the battery life is outstanding as the ultra-low power sensor can work efficiently for up to 2 years without changing!

another reason for choosing thermalog is that it reduces the labor and operational costs and help business manage their operation more effectively. It saves cost and time of business with paper free compliance.
Thermalog is the right solution - why choose thermalog

Digitised and tested – Simple, accurate and efficient!

Our products are tested and verified by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Multiple industries use this technology to control their economic losses and resource wastage. These industries include manufacturing, retails, hotels and resorts, gyms and clubs, transport, hospitality and healthcare.


Thermalog is the only company with the highest temperature accuracy of ±0.1 °C, among all the other competitors in the market. With the lowest price and highest quality, Thermalog has won the trust of many customers and has emerged as a leading company in the field of food safety.

Smart and wireless

Thermalog’s products are smart and compact devices that are wireless and can be controlled through the Internet of Things (IoT) technology via our app. The connection of all devices shown one dashboard is an intelligent way to keep an eye on all operations and device status simultaneously.

Easy installation and setup

Thermalog’s devices are very easy to install anywhere you want, and you can set them up according to your needs and preferences.