Temperature Monitoring System for Refrigerators and Freezers

You don't need to worry about your valuables when you are not around.

Refrigeration and Freezer

Preserve your chilled or frozen inventory with a temperature monitoring system

In most industries, refrigeration and freezer units are used for various purposes, making up a significant part of the business investment. Not all pre-installed refrigerator and freezer temperature gauges are entirely accurate. You may set the units to a specific temperature, but the gauges may show variations in the actual temperature, which usually happens in most cases.

Furthermore, many products are required to be kept at certain temperatures, and any deviation in temperature may cause the products in the refrigeration and freezer units to spoil, resulting in the growth of bacteria; upon consuming these spoilt products, one may develop stomach issues and even deadly food poisoning.

Simplify your task of recording and monitoring temperatures in your cold storage by installing an automated temperature monitoring system that will send you text and email alerts if and when the temperature drops below or exceeds the allowed range.

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The regulatory bodies are tightening their grip on the food industry. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict guidelines regarding food safety.

Properly maintaining the optimal temperature can preserve and keep your inventory fresh for longer, avoiding potential illnesses and inventory losses.

Simplify your task of recording and monitoring temperatures in your cold storage

Thermalog’s wireless sensors automatically record temperature readings making it easy for businesses to comply with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety regulations.

You don’t need to worry about your valuables when you are not around.

How would you know if your cooling or freezing equipment is working fine or will not stop due to any technical problem? Of course, you cannot ensure that this will not happen. So, how will you react to the situation when you realise that no one remembered to check the temperature and you find out that most of the food, if not all, has spoiled due to faulty equipment or the left-opened refrigerator/freezer door(s)?

According to the FDA, the refrigerator temperature should be kept at or below 4oC (40oF), and the freezer temperature should be at 0oC (-18oF). Although it is required that the temperatures be checked at least once a day, they can be checked multiple times a day, which will reduce the chances of being unaware of any malfunction.

Installing our monitoring sensors will relieve your anxiety by automatically recording the temperatures and generating warnings to your phone regarding any ups and downs of the optimal temperature range in refrigerators and freezers.

This image shows our temperature monitoring system monitors and maintains optimal temperature to prevent irreparable losses of refrerated and chilled stock

Temperature Records

Measure and records the temperature to ensure regulatory compliance.

image depicts the receipt of real time alerts for tempertaure deviations in refregerated and frozen goods or spaces.

Real-Time Updates

Get real-time alerts to detect any unusual change for swift action.

This icon is the graphical representation of 24/7 automated temperature monitoring system that allows you to monitor the temperature remotely and alerts you for any temperature deviations to meet the compliance requirements.

24/7 Monitoring

Monitor your facility on your smartphone or the web dashboard anytime.

This vector image depicts that retail business can avail digital data logging feature of thermalog temperature monitoring system

Detailed Analytic

Observe temperature changes to identify their frequency and initiate corrective measures. 

Digital Task Manager

Assign tasks to the employees and managers to fix issues quickly.

Centralized Operations

Connect all your locations to a single view Portal/App to access data anywhere.

Flexibility to monitor a variety of things based on your custom applications.

Connect your Android devices to our free App to keep track of all your spaces automatically and effortlessly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and receive warnings if any of your equipment’s readings fall out of range. Thermalog gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of objects based on your unique applications, including but not limited to: