Temperature Monitoring System for Catering Businesses

Protect your business from any unwanted adverse effects on food safety.

Catering Services

People love to explore food experiences, so make it safe and healthy

Catering is not just about preparing food and serving it to people. Many things go into the whole catering process, e.g. planning, designing and managing the consistency of food quality. Apart from other factors such as budget and managerial services, people choose caterers for their standard of hygiene and quality of cuisine.

There has been a growing awareness of food safety compliance requirements of strict regulations. The demand for solutions and strategies to limit costs, maximise productivity and ensure the safety of their products and customers has never been on this rise.

Let Thermalog do this work for you

The most common cause of the foodborne disease is failure to deploy a temperature monitoring system and keeping raw materials below or above the recommended temperature for longer than the suggested time.

It is the responsibility of food handlers to be alert to food hygiene and quality. Multiple factors ensure the quality of food products.

Serving good quality food to your customers according to the food safety standards is very important for your business. All food should be kept, cooked and cooled at the recommended temperatures to ensure this.

Storing hot or cold food at the right temperature is another essential factor to consider in safeguarding it from airborne contaminants.To ensure that these guidelines are correctly followed, you need to take note of the temperature in real-time and ensure that fluctuations do not go unchecked. This can be done by using an automated temperature monitoring system.

Imagine the dire consequences if your business does not comply with the protocols and standards set by the FDA and other food-based authorities. These food safety standards are set in place to protect consumers from foodborne illnesses and other health-related issues.

People are very conscious about catering and can quickly switch if they have any food safety concerns

With Thermalog, you can be sure that compliance standards are being met, business is protected, and customer will know that you take health and saftery seriously.

Protect your business from any unwanted adverse effects on food safety

It is important to have a reliable and secure method to record the temperatures at which foods are stored, chilled or cooked. All catering services involve the raw materials being delivered via a vehicle, and if the temperature in that vehicle is not monitored and maintained, the raw materials may lower in quality and may also be deemed unusable, thus being disposed of.

Nowadays, it is of growing concern among aware citizens that their ordered food be kept fresh throughout the catering process. And food being the main thing that any catering service has to take care of, it has to be done with the utmost care and efficiency while being cost-effective and avoiding unnecessary workforce and time and resource wastage.

The benefits of a temperature monitoring system for catering businesses

This icon represents that our temperature monitoring system can record and measure the temperature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to meet compliance requirements.

Remote Monitoring

Measure and records the temperature to ensure regulatory compliance.
This image represents how automating operations can minimize resource wastage, how you can save time and money and prevent equipment breakdown for business.

Reduced Product Loss

Protect your business from product recalls and lost sales due to expired and spoiled products.

this image depicts the feature of our system how it increase your efficiency in operations

Improved Efficiency

Ensure that all tasks are handled promply, and that operations run smoothly and efficiently.

The image shows that the installation of our temperature monitoring solution with automated data logging capability, provides reliable and cost-effective results and reduces the use of paperwork in daily operations.

Paper-Free Compliance

Cost-effective system for temperature monitoring with paper-free data logging features.

thermalog temperature monitoring solutions can help catering business in a variety of ways. provides real time alerts via email and text

Real Time Alerts

Get real-time alerts through Email/SMS to find out any unusual temperature changes for swift action.

this image depicts the thermalog solution for small business

Centralized Operations

Connect all the devices to our single-view interface and access data on our cloud-based dashboard.

Flexibility to monitor a variety of things based on your custom applications.

your Android devices to our free App to keep track of all your spaces automatically and effortlessly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and receive warnings if any of your equipment’s readings fall out of range. Thermalog gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of objects based on your unique applications, including but not limited to: